Flying in to a new airport can be a stressful time for travellers. They won’t know the layout of the terminal, how to find their bags, where to go to locate the hire car service desk, and how to journey on into the city they are visiting. Compare that to regular visitors to this location; it’s all good for them as they know where to go and what to do.

Now also compare this to those people who will visit your business website. Regulars should know their way around, may well have bookmarked specific pages they want to revisit, and are familiar with your layout. In other words, they know how to navigate to where they wish to be.

However, many of those visiting your site will be first-timers, lacking in this regular visitor knowledge. Each is likely to have reached your site through a search engine, and to have done so for their own specific reasons. This is why it’s vital to make effective use of SEO techniques through identifying the words and phrases they are likely to use when searching, and making sure your site performs well in such searches.

Of course, these actions are only half of the battle to gain customers. You want those visiting your site for their own specific reasons to quickly know that they have found the right place – where the services they require will be offered, or the products they are looking for can quickly be found. Sadly, too many such searches are directed only to a generic homepage, and the new visitor (like that traveller in a strange airport) is left to find their own way to their ultimate destination. Many will simply do what they can’t in that terminal building, and fly away elsewhere!

The solution? Add a series of relevant landing pages to your website design, one for each of the clearly identified key search requirements. For example, if you were searching for a 3D printer, you’d prefer to reach a page that talks instantly and specifically about this product, than a homepage which also showcases all the many other products the companies sells – ones that you don’t actually want! Taking the time to craft these landing pages adds specificity to your site where it’s needed, and is more instantly welcoming and immediately useful to those vital potential customers.

Photo: 757 landing at tgu again by egmboeingpilot licensed under Creative commons 4

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