Your search engine optimisation and website design should be able to attract viewers to your site and keep them there. However, attracting large numbers of viewers isn’t enough: you also need to attract the right demographic. Your products or services are likely to be aimed at a particular demographic, so it’s vitally important that your website is appealing to that demographic and that your search engine optimisation campaign is aimed at grabbing their attention. If your business isn’t generating as much custom as you might expect through its website, you might simply need to adjust the site and its SEO campaign to better reflect your target demographic. But how can you do this?

1. Leverage your site’s colour-scheme to create an appropriate mood and tone

As we mentioned in our previous blog entry, the colours that you use on your site can evoke different emotions in your viewers. As a result, different colour-schemes are appropriate for different demographics. Cooler, calmer colours such as blues and greens tend to appeal to more mature, serious demographics, for example. If you are selling highly practical products, you should use these hues to appeal to a practically-minded demographic. In contrast, brighter, more energetic colours such as yellows and bright reds appeal to younger, carefree demographics. These colours are therefore suitable for businesses that are selling cheery or frivolous products or services.

2. Adjust your keywords to reflect your target demographic’s search habits

Older demographics often search the web using full sentences or questions instead of short, snappy keywords. This is because they grew up before internet-use became commonplace, so the use of short, web-friendly phrasing often seems less natural to these groups. In comparison, youthful demographics are used to using shorter keywords and phrases when searching the internet. You can easily incorporate lengthier long-tail keywords with conventional grammatical structures if you wish to attract older demographics, or you can incorporate additional snappier keywords to attract a younger one.

3. Redesign your logo and change your imagery

Sometimes, it helps to change the imagery and logo associated with your site in order to reflect your target demographic’s interests and preoccupations. This is a fairly subtle process and can be difficult for many businesses. However, there’s no reason to worry: as experts in graphic design and website design, we are perfectly placed to help you alter your logo and imagery to appeal to your desired demographic.

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