What’s the difference? That’s a common question – from global boardrooms down to sole traders – and one that needs a clear answer for any company that cares as much about its reputation, as it does about its rather more transitory image.

It’s common for these things to be viewed as interchangeable. You will hear people referring to a graphic emblem as the company’s brand, or organisations commissioning a low cost logo because it looks great, with no thought whatsoever to the branding process that needs to underpin the design.

Brand – in a nutshell

This is not something easily summed up – as it’s the essence of your organisation, and that can clearly differ enormously from one business to the next. It can even change over time as you diversify and expand as a company.

However, any organisation – large or small – needs to work out what it stands for and where it sits in its chosen market. Where are you now, and where do you want to be? How do your products or services sit within the customer journey? Who exactly are your customers and what questions do they need answers to? What promises can you make them?

Brand identity

Armed with answers to these questions, you have a clearer idea of your brand – you know who you are. You then formulate a brand identity. How can your company promote the benefits of what you offer, in a clear and concise way? What words and phrases will customers best respond to? How you want to be discussed and remembered? What imagery – and colours – best encapsulate your company or product?

A logo evolves

Next, comes a logo. This is not simply a clever graphic device. It should be a reflection of your brand identity. Your logo needs to sum up, instantly, the reputation you want to sustain as a business. Logos – and, in fact, whole websites – developed without proper understanding of your brand are merely a facade. And ever-more savvy consumers and business contacts can quickly spot empty imagery and edifice.

Now, take a minute to audit your own company reputation and image. Can people looking at your logo – and website design – see instantly what your product or service stands for, and why is should matter to them?

If you are not sure, contact us for a chat and see how we can help with marketing your small business through website design that reflects your brand and brand identity.

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